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<h1><b><FONT SIZE=7 COLOR="red" FACE="century gothic"> 
Penggunaan Tag Font Size</FONT></b></h1>
<FONT SIZE=1 COLOR="blue" FACE="arial"> ukuran teks=1 
ukuran teks=2 </FONT>
<FONT SIZE=3 COLOR="fuchsia" FACE="ALGERIAN"> ukuran 
teks=3 </font>
<font size=4 color="silver" face="castellar"> ukuran 
teks=4 </font>
<font size=5 color="purple" face="cooper black"> ukuran 
teks=5 </font>
<font size=6 color="teal" face="magneto"> ukuran teks=6 
<font size=7 color="lime" face="ravie"> ukuran teks=7 

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