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Where Are You, Ishfah?


Quick Information!

So, what the hell is happened in this blog? Is it vanissbed for good?

No, actually, I am sick. I been fought this typhus desease for a week and two.

Typhus is a disease caused by bacteria (mainly Rickettsia typhi or R. prowazekii). There are two major types of typhus: endemic (or murine typhus) and epidemic typhus. The bacteria are small and very difficult to cultivate; originally they were thought to be viruses. The disease occurs after bacteria.

It’s a very kind of you if you wish and pray for your good prayer for me that I’ll cured and the one thing I really miss is writing a post, coz there’ll a bunch of ideas that really, really want to get out of head.

Please don’t torture more with your comment about my poor English

And, I am writing on my comfy VIP bed (that actually feel fraud) coz the receptionist keep saying, “Sorry Sir, it’s the only room that available (and it’s the expensive one)”. I think wherever you go, the problem will always hunts you down.


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Author: Fahmi Ishfah

i am cool, tough, smart, kind and complex

13 thoughts on “Where Are You, Ishfah?

  1. Aku ra mudeng hihi. Pokoke ada yang komen lekas smbuh mungkin habis kena musibah. Ikut mndo’akan jg semoga lekas sembuh aamiin

  2. Wah, jaga kesehatan mas. Semoga lekas sembuh ya. Aamiin

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