A Man of Dignity

Do you remembered a computer lesson?
Planed how to made a good application
Typed all the source code when the screen is on
Rest a while but the task still go on

Sitting all day long studied HTML
Then counted the math formula with boys and girls
There all my friends who always laugh and yell
Tried to understand it, yet most that occur is fail

We did our best to make it right
Coding some programme up all night
C, C+, Delphi, Java and Cisco those are our knight
We fought together over the foe at first sight

Learning computer had similarities with real life
We write, create, update, edit, copy, delete things in daily life
We used our finger to speak up
Yet we regreted when it goes wrong and blew up

The network that we built
Will slowly go down if there is a guilt
Because of the sin, either it heavy or light
It will hunt you down, even you hide or run for it

We should use the internet wisely
Make a good creation that known widely
So learn, unlearn, relearn lesson carefuly
Then you become a man full of dignity and capability


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      1. saya juga kurang pede kalau bahasa inggris, biasanya saya minta tolong ke temen yang ngajar bahasa inggris, katanya untuk grammernya boleh diabaikan dalam pembuatan puisi

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